FreeTress Equal Jamaican Twist Braid

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FreeTress Equal Jamaican Twist Braid

You can become the woman you never thought you would be with the FreeTress Equal BraidsJamaican Twist Braid. Unlike other synthetic weaving extensions, FreeTress Equal is made of fiber exclusively developed for weaves. Only FreeTress Equal can offer you the sophisticated curls that last a long time. The Jamaican Twist Braid is 100% Kanekalon, a lighter, softer hair with a more natural feel. Not only is the Jamaican Twist Braid easy to manage, it also retains curl shape and natural sheen longer than others.

100% Kanekalon

Softer and Easier to Braid

Freetress EQUAL is the perfect integration of expensive fibers from Japan. It is the closest thing to human hair. Be ready to spoil yourself.

Soft Texture and Time Saving Braid Product

Able to Style for Loose Curl Pattern.

FreeTress : World's most advanced synthetic hair.

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